In Loving Memory of


Rex was born October 1, 1993 in Florida, he was then brought to New York City as a puppy,
we purchased Rex in 1993, he was a Doberman. Rex was protective of our family and
household but very loving, and he never bit or barked at any member of my family.
He grew up in Brooklyn NY and lived there until 2001 when we moved to Staten Island NY.
After one year in Staten island we got 2 more dogs, Buddy [pug] and Sandy [terrier, lab mix].

Rex got along very well with the 2 new dogs, they kept him active at his advanced age.
Rex suffered with hip displacement in winter of 2003 and he could never walk
the same the rest of his life. As time went on his hips got better and then in 2005
his legs and hips got really bad, much worst then 2003.
He could not walk at all any more and with his age an operation was not a option.
Rex was suffering in pain and was urinating on him self and getting cuts from the urine,
and he developed lumps all over his body. After speaking to a veterinarian,
we decided to put rex to sleep on November 20,2005.
We will always miss Rex, and he will never be forgotten.