In Loving Memory Of My Beloved



Sept 2000 - Aug. 23, 2004

My Dear Beloved Sally had a unexpected sudden heart attack.
She was just playing and running around in the yard, and literally fell to a "down" position and starting squeaking. it was very traumatic. I had her remains taken care of through the funeral home in our small town. Sally was like my child. My best Friend. I went through a VERY abusive relationship for 7 yrs, I believe she felt she no longer needed to protect me. But always by my side. I have vivid dreams at night of her. She and my Grandmother visit me. (Periodically) Sally was a special Fila. Even though my gram couldn't stand being around dogs...she actually invited her over for dinner :-) .she went through as much as I did .. (mentally) when I cried, she would lay her head on me and whimper. When I would be happy she would do her "Happy Shake". Sally was 12 wks when I got her. I am a Member of
Fila Rescue Inc. . Sally was a Fila Brasileiro A.K.A. Brasillian Mastiff.

 I even have a website for her :

I don't know what else to say other than Sally was my EVERYTHING!
I even called 911. I thought she was choking. she was a beautiful 215lb red brindle. My Gram passed away 2003 June 6th, the evening I got the call from my Mom, I fell to my knees and Sally fell right along with me. She knew all the mental pain I went through and I'm sure the physical as well. if it weren't for her, I know I couldn't have made it through and DON'T ask me how I made it through losing her. I've still got her ashes since last August sitting in my closet. I am so afraid to part with them. It's like a part of her that I still have to hold onto. to bury her is like "THE END" and I'm not ready for it. I think I freaked out worse with Sally passing than my Gram. I watched my gram fight death for 2 yrs and it wasn't pretty. I then lost my Sally 1yr and 2 months after . I had to be strong for her. While everyone tried to bring her back on my Patio, it was a 2 hr fight. We did everything we could.

Her Vet was closed. The nearest Vet was an emergency vet near Pittsburgh which is about 45 minutes. without us working on her she wouldn't have lasted more than 5 minutes. We brought her back more than several times, but she just didn't have the strength to go on any longer, I think the last half hour was just muscle movement. but I held her head in my lap the whole time. This is Very hard for me to discuss to the day, but it helps me feel better when all said and done. Needless to say I will never forget my Beloved Sally, and I will never forget the day she ran out to me the day I picked her up. It was a 6hr drive to Delaware. She was SO lit up with energy and ran out to me and just gave me kisses and then sat on my lap. she Slept with me and sat on my lap until the last seconds of her life. I never left her side. I give you permission to take this story and do with it what you will :-)