Looking longingly to fill ... the empty feeling still,

Of Katie’s Memory, Especially for Amy.

We found you, when we heard

Of a "Blue Merle North American Shepherd",

Belonging again to, Amy

A playful puppy she named, "Sadie".

Many miles, you traveled by plane...

So little - yet so brave - alone you came.

Only 2 months old, when you arrived,

As born July 30 - 1995.

October 6 - from Seattle, Washington

To the Skalsky Home, Waterloo, Iowa, you come.

Tenderly petted by all, in our family

You loved to play with Jake and Ashley.

Frightened of vacuum cleaner, made you, "go PEE"-

Couldn’t help but smile, you see.

So it surely was no wonder

When hiding in the bathroom - cause afraid of thunder.

Very inquisitive and also mischievous

Still loved dearly, by all of us.

Liked so much - times the kids, would walk you

Someway, it seemed you knew -

As near them, you’d contently stay

Never trying to pull away.

Down snow covered hills

Their sleds you swiftly out - ran still.

Loved riding in the car

Never cared even though far.

As didn’t like being left alone

By yourself, back at home

Brought you along and spent a Christmas

With all the rest of us.

Cared for devotedly, by Amy, really great

When in garage, remained in your doggie crate?

After while got you "Roxie" at a later date

Cause felt you needed a playmate.

Now both included - at times did bring

Visiting Grandpa Everett and Grandma Lottie Serfling.

Once on a cold winter day kept you warmer in a barn stall

Safe, as had high boarded up walls.

So content you were out there

While extra roomy, for both to share.

You could run so gracefully.

"Just like a deer" - you reminded, Kathy.

Always playful when stuffed animal toys given you?

Ripping their stuffing everywhere, too.

You enjoyed when let in the cage of the bunny

A memory now, that was so funny.

Shared many times going swimming

Or river water, shake you dog’s hair - quivering.

We did make quite a scene

When dressed you up for Halloween!

While taking the kids, tagging along you’d go

"Tricks or treats?" Seemed you "Yipped" to know.

Then came the times you wanted outside

With us to go was your joy and pride.

You jumped the fence - you found the way

To join us or just, for freedom, to get away.

Ben, our Dad, made a curved and higher fence for you

So you’d be secured and much safer then too.

The night Ellen, our mom, with heart problem, to hospital was taken

Must have left you feeling deserted and forsaken.

For the past 10 weeks - so far away to was Amy

You decided, the fenced in pen - you dreaded badly.

Then discovered using your strong paws to dig

You did make a hole so big!

One you could crawl through and felt you’d be

Again, once able to run, freely!

Not realizing - how fast cars go speeding by

When out on the unsafe highway- to be hit and die

This night of June 26 - 2000 lost the pet - loved so dear

One month short of being only - 5 years.

Now buried so lovingly

Side by Side - Next to Katie.

Very missed, always both will be

Precious and treasured are our memories.

Even "Roxie" scenes, when our tears we shed

Your well Remembered, "Barks," are silented.

Kathy shared her thoughts with me

I needed her help, given so willingly.

This is the best I can do - as wanted to

And written for - "All of you."

Especially Kathy and Amy

With my love - Your Granny