Sahara Fivewood Hawthorne Kusyk

Born on Sept 24, 1986 in Fort Langley B.C. Canada 

Died on  Jan.30, 1997 in Thunderbay, Ontario


Sahara was a beautiful brindle lab-pitbull, who died in my arms of cancer.

Sahara was a superb guide dog as well as a beloved pet. Her daddy was, Freddie Kusyk.
Together we traveled over 20 thousand miles and she always kept me safe. 

I miss that dog everyday but I do have her now in an urn on top of the fridge,
so she will always be with me.
She is much missed and will  always be remembered. 
She made alot of friends because she was so very loveable and is missed by everyone who knew her.
On Christmas eve morning, she presented us with
11 new healthy, georgous pups!...6 males and 5 females!!


Mommy and Daddy