7-12-95 to 10-3-08

One of the most loving and unconditional relationships you will ever have is with your dog.
Their sense of loyalty and devotion can be compared to no other.
 In return for the companionship they provide,
it is our responsibility to show them love, and take care of them.

Sometimes taking care of them involves making one of the toughest decisions ever.
There may come a time when you are faced with the heartbreak
of having to put your beloved dog to sleep.
It may seem like an unthinkable decision, but it may be the most loving and
selfless thing you can do for your best friend.

I had to put my baby girl Sandy down last night. She was diagnosed with
cancer a few months ago and last night I made the pro-active decision to end her
life before her days became filled with pain. She was experiencing some
pain and I did not want to be the mom who became selfish just for the sake of
her being here with me. I knew the disease would quickly diminish her quality
of life and I did not want her to suffer.

God, I miss her so much already. This house is so empty without her. I
catch myself putting my arm out while on the couch to pet her, I also
automatically break off a little piece of whatever I am eating to give to her. It is
strange to not have to go out first thing in the morning to take her to "do
her business". I will ALWAYS miss our special way we had of cuddling. It was
what I called our version of Eskimo kisses. We would put our foreheads
together and just sit there, feeling the love and special bond only her and I had.
She was the best kisser EVER! She probably would have kissed someone
breaking into my house.

Last night was the worst experience ever because I kept doubting the
decision I made (still do). I held her in my lap and told her that I was the
luckiest mommy in the world to have her as my fur baby. I prayed and told her that
I always have and always will love her with all of my heart and soul.

I know she is in a good place now and I know that eventually I will come to
terms with the decision I made.

Sandy, thank you for being my baby girl, my cuddler, my companion, my
Kleenex, my pillow but most importantly thank you for being my BEST FRIEND.