In Loving Memory Of


Aug. 23,1990 - May 18, 2003 

On the Lords day, Scobby was called by his maker.
It's a day that I hoped I could delay forever after his recent
lung cancer surgery. We called him "Ten Bears" really meaning Teddy Bear
because he was chubby and had a gentle disposition.

Leticia first brought him home after she was giving him a hair cut at her moms house
and accidently cut his tongue. He got his tongue sewed to stop the bleeding
and we cared for him. Leticia used to give him baths when she visited her mom
and Scobby always looked sad when she left.
She felt you longed for a home with someone who would show you love. 

(I) we fell in love with Scobby during his visit and he became a permanent fixture at our home
along with Obie. I love you Scobby and you hold a very special place in our hearts.
I know you will really never be gone because we think of you and Obie always. 
Now you are in peace not suffering and I will be with you again when I get the call.
I hope you found Obie and are playing together over there.
Goodbye for now Scobby, we will meet again. I will never stop thinking of you.
We will love you and Obie forever.