In Loving Memory Of



Unconditional Love

I love our girl
She is devoted by nature
I lost her because the devil got me busy
Busy with my new job 
Busy with family
Busy with our new home
And I didnít notice
That our baby was sick

She has always been
Sweet Steady Uncomplaining
Looking at us with love in her eyes
With the unfailing acceptance of our love
Even in her last hours with a wave of her tail
To let us know she sees us 
and is faithful to keep watch
All is well
she is there
she is always there

Faithful in her love
Faithful in her protection
Never telling us she was sick 
Never complaining
Because she loved us
I love her
I miss her

I wonder 
how am I going to go on 
without her love in our life
I am responsible for her death
I didnít ask
She didnít tell
And now she is gone 

I miss her unwavering loyalty
I miss her
Every day every hour
I will never get over losing her
The hurt goes so deep 
She is not there now
She will never be there again

There is no second chance
God forgive me
I miss her so