Born: March 7, 1991     Died: April 4, 2002


Shydog never complained.
He loved to play with his frisbee when he was younger
and used to jog with me in the early mornings.
Shydog loved the outdoors and rarely wanted to stay long
inside the house. He enjoyed long walks, guarding his home,
and chasing cats whenever necessary!
In his later years his other master, Kyle, would take him and his buddy,
Olga (a Rottweiler) on long walks in the desert.
He especially enjoyed the ride in the car to the desert before the walk.
Shy was a beautiful Australian-Sheperd mix.
There was nothing real exceptional about Shy. I never had any
trouble with him. He always obeyed and never got into any trouble,
except when he was a puppy!

Shydog slowed down a lot the last year of his life.
Dogs get sick and they never tell you where it hurts.
As masters, we feel so stupid when we finally
take them into the vet and they tell us that our pets are dying.
I remember watching Shy breathe heavily,
but when I would call his name, he would perk up for just a second
or two and look at me with his tail wagging. What devotion!
We should only wish for the same from our fellow humans.
Kyle and I stayed with Shydog as the vet put him to sleep.
I told Shydog to go fetch the frisbee,
and asked one of my deceased friends to watch over him
until I got to the other side.
We love you Shydog!!!

Randy and Kyle Hedden