SEPT 1, 1991-SEPT 27, 2002


"SMOKUMS!"..You brought so much joy to our our lives. Every time I come home, I keep looking for you at the screen door with your tail a-waggin!! You loved going bye-bye in either the "little red car" or the "little blue car", and sometimes you'd trip over your own feet in your excitement to hit the road!! A trip out usually included stopping at Jack in the Box for a hamburger ( cheese, please!) or maybe a little scoop of vanilla ice cream from Baskin Robbins. And heaven forbid if lil' brother Odie got within 2 feet of your "crunchies" were there in a flash!!

I miss singing with you when the fire engines would go were the best yodeler in the world! When you were diagnosed with an enlarged heart, my own heart broke. Our last months together were filled with love and an appreciation that we were so fortunate to have you in our family. Even your bratty little brother Odie, who tormented you so heartbroken. He was laying by your side as you struggled to breathe on your last day, and the next day he seemed so lost....walking around meowing mournfully.

I know you're up there romping around with Bubba, Kippy & Kopper....but I miss you so much.....we all do.
You will always be our "Precious Princess Face". 

Love, Buggy, Mama,
Travy, Seffie & Odie Paul