Tia   at  8 years

Tia  at  3 1/2 weeks

Tia at 4 months


The best friend could ever ask/hope for...
Oct 24th 1995-Aug 1st 2004
Female American Standard Doberman Pincher....82 Ibs.

Tia came in our lives at 31/2 weeks old, she gave us unconditional love, joy, happiness
and an special friend to Socks.
She was very much part of our daily lives a people person companion and grew deeply into our hearts. 
I always looked forward seeing you and greeting us/me at the door with your circle spin and a shoe in your mouth.
I miss our nightly walks together and your big wet kisses. I wish we had more good days together. 

My brother was scared of larger breeds, due to his pass childhood experience as he was bitten.
On Tia last evening he spent couple of hours with her and made her very comfortable and realized she was a friendly giant.
Thank you Bro. 

We all miss you terribly, it was the hardest thing I had to do to put you to sleep as we didn't want you to suffer, you spent almost half of your life battling cancer, surgery after surgery. It was a difficult decision, but love should never be selfish. It hurts me and broke my heart to see the things you once loved to do without discomfort or pain, I seen this through your big sad brown eyes. Cancer has spread too far. 

Tia, you have now crossed Rainbow Bridge don't be afraid, there is no cancer here....go! my big girl and see your Mother Close and wait for us.

Thank you for being very loyal, devoted and protective, a wonderful family member.
You will always have a special place in our hearts.

Love you Tia, 
Daddy Len, Mommy Dorothy and Socks.