In Loving Memory Of,


(An American Eskimo Spitz)

Our Dearest Willie,
Ten, all too short, years ago I looked into your eyes and knew you were the 
one. You pranced across the floor and soon your other mommy fell under your 
spell. The first year and half you gave us a run for our money. You 
exhausted three trainers, demolished numerous decorations, terrified 
countless bell ringers; in short you were a juvenile delinquent. However 
your two mommies persisted and the pay off was beyond imagination!

Each day began by you greeting us with your tail wagging and a toy in your 
mouth. It never mattered what mood we may have woken up in, how high my hair 
was sticking up nor how bad our breath smelled; there you were faithful as 
ever. A track record even the happiest of couples cannot maintain.
Willie you were my cherished co pilot and your other mommy's mischief 
accomplice. Each day was an adventure, we never knew what tricks You were 
going to teach us! Thank you for being kind enough to allow us, ever so 
foolishly, to actually believe we were in control. 

Willie this house is a tomb without you. When we were told your diagnosis it 
brought us to our knees. Ten years was not enough and twenty wouldn't have 
been either. You fought to stay with us. The last two weeks of your life we 
slept on the floor with you. In those sweet but ever fading hours you again 
gave us nothing but pure love. We cuddled you, rubbed you and laughed over 
old times. We know you left your home and our arms for a far better place. 
You are now eternally young and healthy, you can eat what ever you want and 
not get sick, and you have met your canine family.

Willie you were a remarkable soul who graced our lives and for that privilege 
we can never thank you enough. Your love, devotion, protection, and heart 
you gave freely and endlessly. We miss you desperately. You will forever be 
in our hearts, our mannie man and silly Willie. 
Until we see you again
Your 2 Mommies