We Miss You Zeus!

Our protector!
Zeus came into our family on my older daughters 14th birthday, March of 2001. We brought home a whiney puppy, lost from his family but he easily made his way into the hearts of ours. He was much more than an AKC registered White German Shepherd, he became our best friend and part of our immediate family. The song "One More Day" keeps playing in my mind and I wish I could hold him one more time. He was a large dog but always wished he was just a small lap dog. He would nose his way between me and my children. It was a family game to make him jealous. He would begin by setting beside me, putting one paw on my leg, before I knew it he was in my lap and I was holding him like a baby. 

He knew my friends but others had a reason to be cautious. He slept beside me on the floor of my room every night for two years. Anytime my head came off the pillow he was at my side (or in the bed if he thought he could get away with it). He ate a whole in my bedroom wall as a puppy but has left a huge whole in my heart and in the hearts of my girls. My shoes are always right where I leave them now, I hate that! Shepherds seem to always want something in there mouth or something to bring to you, to us Zeus brought love! He had a job to do, Zeus knew his purpose in life was to love and protect us,
it was obvious that was his nature. 

Zeus was a very smart dog! I could teach him a trick in a day and he had it down (very intelligent breed). I taught Zeus to sit, speak and roll over all with hand signals; I didn't have to say a word. He had his own mind when it came to greeting company, I just couldn't keep him off the other people he didn't see that often, he loved them too! We miss him very much and we wish we had more time together. I hope we gave him as much joy as he gave us, we will never have another one like him. He passed June 24, 2003 but his memory will live in our hearts forever!