In Loving Memory Of



Dearest Fei Fei,

I don't if u will ever get to read this, but I just had to write, cos
there is no other way I could speak to you now, yesterday morning when
I saw u before I went to school, I had this feeling that it would be
the last time I ever saw u, that's why I stay with u a little longer,
you don't know how sad I was when I saw you lying down, not moving,
cos I knew you where in pain. You were so thin, hardly looked like the
Fei Fei I always had. Yet there was nothing I could do to make you feel any better,
I'm so sorry.

It's only been 4 months, I don't know why u had to go, but I want you
to know that everyone at home misses you a lot, even mommy. Mommy
didn't like u too much when we bought u home, but u, in your own
special way, touched her heart. So much so that, she was the only one
who knew how you liked your bread toasted, how you would run on you
wheel the moment mummy wakes up so that u can get her attention. We'll
miss you, miss how cute u looked when u eat, how cute u looked when u
run around in your bathing sand, miss stroking your soft fur, miss
everything about you.

It must have been very painful for you to be sick, so painful u didn't
even want to eat. It must have felt very scary to be all alone
wondering what was happening to your little body. I'm sorry I couldn't
make the pain go away, I'm sorry I couldn't make things feel better
for you. I'm sorry you have to go thru this alone. I really am.

Fei Fei, when u get to rainbow bridge, and they you who you are,
please remember to tell them you were my fei fei, my dearest baby fei
fei. Please don't feel afraid, look for twinkle, he's there too, I
know he will surely take care of you, until I come and bring you home.
In the meanwhile, you know that I will miss you. And I'll surely go
and find you someday.