In Memory Of My Horse 


1992 - January 26, 2000

Prissy I miss you so much. I love you. I would gladly give up 50 years of my life just to have you back,
just for one more day! Our farm is empty without your presence... Your friendly nicker when we step out the door.
The way you took care of peanut. I am sorry, and I wish we could have done more.
I want to let you know we will always love you, you will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank
you for all the special lessons you taught me, I will never forget them. I dedicate my year as Ms.W.S.C.A. to you.

My Fallen Little Angel

Angels come in the form the horses we love so much.

They come into our lives, and miracles happen.

The trust that comes between them and us is unbreakable.

Prissy I owe everything to you, I Love You.

I know you will be waiting for me in that lush meadow of grass God has given you.

When we meet again I will slide upon your back and we'll race against the wind,

together we will be forever, nothing will tear us apart.

In heaven there are no tumors, nor fevers, just you and me in the sunshine.

I know then I will be truely happy, until then my Prissy darling,

I will never forget you.