In Loving Memory Of


My 2 hamsters, Tina and Daisy. 

I'm glad you hammies died together and peacefully.
Tina and Daisy, you will be in my heart for ever.


You were the first hamster I got out of the four. You were tame and the most loving and forgiving hamster. I knew  you had to cross Rainbow Bridge some day, but I was never ready. I wanted  you to stay with me my whole life. Getting through the days, months and  years without you will be lonely. Tina I love you and I want you to know that.


You were the last girl I got. You were sweet as a daisy and hopefully  right now in animal heaven you get your own special daisy patch to play in.  You were the best wife to Pepper and the best mommy to 15 little ones who  also miss you very much. I never looked at you as just a pet hamster but a  best friend and an understanding one too.