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  Mainstream Music & Video is an award winning video production company that creates video content for broadcast and websites. We specialize in live events.

We cover everything you need from concept, script writing, filming, editing,
VFX and SFX, animation to the final delivery format you require.
We create videos that people actually connect to, so let us create your next video project.

Video production includes, broadcast commercials, web based promos, educational,
music videos, performance videos, documentaries, and short format films.

Here are a few samples of our work :SAMPLES

Announcing our award winning video,
please use this link to watch this short film: The Journey

We also offer private coaching and lessons. For information please use this link: LESSONS

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Mainstream Music has done a number of projects for us including creating DVD's for both of our children's weddings. Launa was able to take hours of video footage, hundreds of pictures and capture in a cohesive and moving format,  the beauty and sacredness of the weddings. 

Launa has an amazing gift of being able to capture the people and the environment in a seamless format that makes the viewer feel as if they were right there. Her ability to synchronize music to video footage and photos that flows perfectly is a rare gift. She pours herself into each project as if it were her special moments and produces a final product that is beyond your expectation. 

She is truly talented beyond measure in her field. 
-Barbara Ammirati, Fitness Wholsale

"My husband and I could not be more thrilled with our wedding DVD!
The quality was excellent - far above other wedding videos I've seen. What we enjoy most though is how, even in just a short 15 minute video, she completely captured the spirit of our wedding celebration. She instinctively knew just which moments to highlight, what music to add, and how to make it all come together perfectly. We have truly enjoyed sharing the video with our family and friends, who all have remarked on how beautifully she captured our special day. It is something that we will truly cherish for the rest of our lives."

Monica and Joel Boerckel 
Atlanta, Geogria