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Comments=Our beloved chopper died on 6/15/2010 we want you to know
that we miss you very much and you will always be in our hearts.
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Name=Ronald Maron
We have moved to Canada and yesterday my laptop obtained a virus. During the process of getting back to my favorite web sites. I thought I surely had lost the Cyrus Memorial forever.
What a joy it was to Google, In Loving Memory of Cyrus, to find your website and to see that the memorial is still there!
He lives on in our hearts and your continuation of this memorial is greatly appreciated!
Ron Maron

August 6, 2008
Thank you very much for this website. I just want to share...we lost our cat this morning, my heart hurts. His name was Tiger and he was a beautiful cat.
My mom raised him from a little kitten. He got very sick and died in my mom's arms this morning. I just wanted to say we love him and will miss him very much. Dana

Dear Launa,
Thank you for the beautiful work you 've done on my baby Star's tribute memorial.
I appreciate your website, it's a very useful tool for me
to heal after the sudden loss of my precious baby.
To have the opportunity to write a little about him
and submit a picture is an important part of the
grieving process.
Thank you for your compassion.

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Tears have filled my eyes as I type this THANK YOU to you. You made my day. Now I can see my "little ole lady" any time that I want to. Bev

Name=Barb Cunningham
Comments=Thank you from the bottom of my heart for designing Tig his own web page memorial....it is absolutely beautiful. I pull up the memorials to look at the different animals sometimes and I pulled it up and Tig was there. I read it and started crying. You must be an angel and God is so lucky to have you...as I am.

Name: erin ruark
Email: eruark@att.net
Pet: Dog
Name: tasha
Comments: I lost my best friend of 13 years this past Valentine's Day, and I was looking for any type of support in dealing with my grief. While my daily life continues. I can't help the incredible sadness that I feel. I was hoping to find other pet owners that understand how truly difficult it is to lose such an important part of your life.

I lost my Smokey after 17 yrs., he was my best friend.......always there, never wanting anything more than the basics & loads of love. When he was healthy he weighed 15 lbs.....lost weight got down to about 10 lbs. Had to have him put to sleep....didn't want him suffering. He'll always be forever in my heart & happy memories are forever there.

Name=Neville Hawkins
Name=Neville Hawkins
COMMENTS= I think your site is fantastic.

Hello, I recently lost my cavalier king charlie named Katie to leukemia she was just three years old, although she went on the 7 feb I still feel broken hearted like it was yesterday. She was my first dog I ever owned and I never thought it would hurt this much. At the end the vet advised me to let her go, which is the most painful thing I have ever done, my husband suggested that I should wait in the car but I did not want to walk out on Katie. I thought she would just simply go to sleep quietly but when the vet inserted to needle she screamed until there was just a deadly silence. That sound will always haunt me. I just would like to know if other dog scream like this. We brought her home and buried her in the garden and bought her lovely bushed as a last final thing for her. Thanks Andrea.

Name=Patti Hart
Name=regarding a link
Comments=would welcome exchange of links with you. [www.atailtoremember.com] please consider and let me know.
Thank-you in advanced for you consideration.
Patti R. Hart

I have lost my best friend over a week ago. I made a tribute page for him. Could you please post his tribute page? Thank you very much. -Geraldo Maria

Comments=We lost our Sha in 1998, she was a boxer dog. She passed away of cancer. It was a difficult time for our family especially our youngest daughter. We were in the monument business for people but now our only business is making pet memorial headstones for pets. Our website is:

Name=Darci Tracy
Comments=I just lost my cat and best friend two days ago after a short 12 years from liver failure and cancer. I went through everything with her and all the rough times, she would sit and listen and give me a rub and a quiet meow and she became my daughters best friend of a short 4 years. I am lost without her and I am thankful for this site to express my love for her and to read all the other wonderful post - they will always be with us.

Name=sherry nelson
Name=fire victims
Comments=launa again thanks for the great job on the web page it's a great tribute thanks sherry nelson and god bless you!

We saw Jake's memorial on the website, it's beautiful. Words can't describe what a wonderful thing you have done by setting up that website. Thank you again for all that you have done.
-Ed and Ann

Name: Mike
Pet: dog
Pet Name: Ben
Dear launa:
Ben was one of my best fiends ever. He was there for me from the day I was born and i could always just cuddle him to forget my troubles. He was playful and loving. But now he's gone. My best friend passed away on the morning of the 16th of November 2003. Good luck Ben, I hope wherever you are that your still happy and free from any unhappiness you might have had. Until we meet again my good friend, until we meet again...

Name=Abraham and Lorrain
Comments=Hi everyone. I have just recently lost my favorite dog Bouncer. I was shocked and very sad and couldn't believe he died so young. He was my favorite friend in the whole wide world. Since then I have started a pet memorial video service in his honor. I have been doing pet videos and pet portraits. These are some of the best ways to never forget your beloved pets. If you have any questions or comments please do contact me. I would love to tell you more about what I do. -Abraham

NAME=Linda Schmidt
COMMENTS=My Nicky came to me already grown, a stray who picked me up as I sat smoking a cigarette on coffee break. I had him checked at the vet before I brought him home and found out he was faintly positive for feline leuk. I didn't have to think too long about bringing him home despite his diagnosis. He had already cast his spell on me. As time went by it was easy for me to think there had been some mistake. He was too healthy, too playful, too beautiful to be carrying any virus.I lost Nick yesterday to an aggressive tumor after two and a half years together. I've had many cats in my life and I've loved them all but somehow Nick was just a little more special. He gave to me far more than I could ever have given to him and I will love him and miss him for the rest of my days.
Til we meet again Nicky.

Dear Launa,
Thanks so very very much for that absolutely wonderful tribute to our Aunt and Uncles little girl. I really appreciate what you posted for them, I printed out a copy and will give them it, as they do not have a computer. I know when they see that incredible memorial it may ease their pain a bit.
Again thank you and god bless you for being such a kind and warm person!!
Happiness to you,
I have some departed angels of my own that I will send to you one day

Dear Launa,
I sorry for the the loss of your pet my heart goes out to you. I am emailing you to tell you about my pet, Leeanna was my cat. She passed away at home with me She was 15 years of age, It really hard to deal with losing her I miss her so much. I needed someone to email to.She was my Baby. Thanks for just listening to me.

Comments=I love you Manny. You were only 8 weeks old and we had to let you go.
The illness that you had, you will feel no longer. Your brother misses you very much. So do Dad and I. Keep smiling from heaven baby boy. We miss you and love you very much.

July 10,2003
Hi, I lost my golden retriever today. She had cancer and it was very aggressive and getting the best of her. I had to make the decision to lay her to rest. She was a wonderful companion and my best friend and I am feeling a most tremendous loss. I would like to put a memorial in for her but not quite sure how to do it. My son is away at Boy Scouts with his father for 2 weeks and he knows how to use the scanner better than I. I can wait until they get back to get the memorial on, but it would comfort me to know that there is someone out there thinking of us. Her name was Jessie, she was the best. My name is Laura. Thank you so much. I really appreciate any thoughts to help ease my pain.

Name=Lady-Tiny-Rabbit& Fluffy
Comments=I had some great pets in my life. I got a rabbit when I was 5 yrs old for Easter and he lived until I was a senior in High School! He was white with a big pink nose! I miss him still! Then I got a great dog Tiny and she got cancer when she was 3 yrs old and died on me.Then when I was 13 I got Lady a Beagle! She lived 14 yrs and I miss her very much. I now have a Basset Hound and he is my baby,I adopted him from a Shelter and was lucky to find him or he found me.He has brought much joy in our lives. When my Dad died we took him with us to the funeral as he was never left alone. He was the perfect gentlemen, sat next to Mom and watched Dad.Then in Church he was quiet and still and got communion.Then at the grave site,he walked by Dad with a Rose in his collar and the funeral director took it out and placed it on Dad. Then he sat in the car and waiting for us.We both went home and had a long nap! As I had a headache.He was a super gentlemen.I take him to church once a year now to get blessed.Dad was ill and never knew him,but my Basset Hound knew he had him. He is now 11 and I dread the day God is going to take him from me. All,I can say is too all who have lost a pet and wish to get another,go to your nearest shelter and adopt a pet that needs a home.DO NOT EVER BUY A CAT OR DOG! MAKING SOMEBODY RICH WHEN YOU CAN MAKE ONE SPECIAL PET HAPPY AND GIVE HIM OR HER A HOME. MOST BREEDS HAVE RESCUE GROUPS PLEASE GO OUT AND ADOPT ONE FOR ME IF YOU ARE IN THE NEED OF A PET,OR TAKE HOME TWO!! GOD BLESS YOU! -Tony!

Name=Joe Murek
Comments=Thanks for being there to vent my feelings. I lost Scooby to cancer that black poodle cocker pup. I should have got him chemo right after his surgery but I didn't. The cancer was slow growing at first but accelerated. Scooby had a lot of trouble breathing, besides diabetes he had cataracks and couldn't see very well. God, I loved that dog I used to cuddle him at night. He seemed relieved as if to say thanks when he left us because he was suffering. I loved him so much I didn't want him to go. I guess I was a bit selfish. He has a new master now, who will treat him with more love than I could have given him. Please God, Take care of Ten Bears my Teddy Bear. Scobby I love you and we will be together when it's my time to cross the bridge.

May 21,2003
My sweet precious baby....you were with me since I was 7 years old.....I was not there for you the way I should have been. I don't think you had a happy life with us. You may already be over the rainbow bridge with great-grandma. I hope you can still love me and want to meet me there when it's my time. Rest in the arms of Jesus, sweet girl. --love your mommy.

Cinder was like my baby girl...extremely loving and followed me around everywhere I went in the house. She picked me to bring her home when I first saw her as a kitten. She was 16 years old when she passed 3 weeks ago from Cancer. I felt like I lost my best friend. I miss her so much. Not a day goes by when she isn't in my heart and I wish she was right by me. I will never forget my special little partner. Thank you for having this site to share our loved ones. -Chris

Name=Neville Hawkins
Name=Neville Hawkins
COMMENTS= I think your site is fantastic!

Comments=This is for a friend. His dog one day got terribly sick and they had to rush him to the vet's ASAP. But,it was no use they had to put the dog to sleep. But, about a week later, a friend found a dog wondering around the street, so she gave him the dog she found. This is a true story, with a happy and sad ending. I was not sure on what the dogs name was, but I know he had it for as long as he can remember. I am so sorry about Bubba.

Name=Helen Whittaker
Comments=My best and closest friend. She was with me for 11 years and I miss her terribly.

Dear Launa,
Thank you so much for caring so much for God's little creatures to have this web site available. As we have neared the end of a beautiful journey with our faithful friend, I have found great comfort in reading the memorials that others have left for their pets. My sincere wish is that others can come to a level of peace after reading ours.
As it is now the 2 week anniversary of the death of our little friend Cyrus, I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for your effort and caring regarding his web site....it is wonderful. All of my family and friends have visited it and for them, too, it has served as a means of saying 'Good-bye'. It is good to know that we are not alone in this time of grief and sorrow.
People like you are one in a million and I am so glad that our lives intersected....Our wish for you, Launa;
May God bless you and give you the peace that you have given to us.
Ron Maron
PS Rainbow Bridge; that sounds wonderful. I hope that you are correct and that it actually is there.

Comments=Hi my name is Katie and I'd like to tell you my story of my dog, but before I start I want to tell you I'm truly sorry about your cat. When I was reading what you wrote I started to cry. It was so sweet. It reminded me of my dog. Since I finally found a person who lost their best friend too I want to share my story with you. Well I was six years when I got Hoover. He was a Shar-pei and very small. At the first sight of him I knew that he was going to be a great dog. And he was! The best dog anyone could ever have. He was my best friend and my family. When Hoover was 8 he started to get really sick. so sick that you could see his bones through his whole body. We took him to the vet and he said that Hoover has a tumor in his spleen and liver and he also has heart worms. He said that we have to put him to sleep soon. Right when I heard the news I knew at that moment that my life will change. Hoover got to spend a while with us than one day he started to throw up blood. That's when my dad told me its time. We took him in on January 25,1999. It was on a Monday. I didn't go to school because I knew i was going to be a nervous wreck. Now that Hoover is gone I don 't know what to do. My parents act like since it was a while ago it doesn't matter. I don't listen to them. It's hard loosing a friend. Hoover didn't have a long life but the life he had was great cause he had a family. I don't cry a lot because I try to not get myself too depressed. Well thank you for letting me share my story withy you. make sure Bubba always stays in your heart because when I lost Hoover I got a broken heart I never will be able to fix it. People say that pets are nothing but they are something. When you have a dog or any other pet for so many years and you get attached and it's hard to let them go. Whenever you need someone to talk to you about your cat just e-mail me I will listen. I'm also sorry for taking up a lot of your time. Thanks again, Please write back!

Name: Kathy Howe
Email: howka318@yahoo.com
Pet: Cat
Name: Bubba
Comments: Dear Launa....First of all, your memorial to Bubba was especially touching, because I also had a cat named Bubba. And boy was he a bubba! He weighed 25 lbs, and though I cant be sure, I believe he was at least part Maine Coon. He didn't meow, it was more of a meeeep, which was so funny coming from such a big boy!! Shortly after his 9th birthday, he was diagnosed with diabetes. I chose to treat his diabetes, and for a year it was an emotional roller-coaster. Learning all I could about treating his condition, and with the help of my mom, we established a routine of twice daily insulin injections, monitoring his symptoms and trying to regulate his blood sugar. We finally achieved success in finding the right dosage, after many trips to the vet for blood glucose testing, and for several months my boy Bubba was doing quite well. Unfortunately, after witnessing a couple of crashes, where he went into convulsions etc and had to be rushed to the emergency vet clinic, I found out he was suffering from pancreatic and liver cancer. It was then that we chose to end his suffering. He was just the coolest cat...I miss him so much, but many photos of him decorate my house, and his memory lives in my heart.

Name=Sara Gunther
Comments=I found the In-Memory-Of-Pets site early in March and I was so heart broken that even that my dog passing was 2 years ago I could not stop mourning. I send a comment and I got answered by the people that run the site.I never going to forget the help and the advise that this man specially gave me I had all the email he sent me save in my ISP until they made a mistake and disconnected me. I could not remember the domain the site it's locate and even that I still got an email service with that ISP since I got the new one I have not been there. I do not remember his name, I am sorry, but I do remember his advice and I got a screen saver in memory of his passed pet dog, Candy....she was a cocker spaniel and his favorite and I know he founded the site and that he had some health problems and was coming out with a book and somebody was to sell some cd's with a song about pets. I would like to thank him for letting me know it's alright to cry and that I am not alone and should not forget about my Curly-Do. so where ever you are I had not forget about you, your story and Candy the black and white cocker spaniel that you love so much and millions of THANK YOUS.CURLY I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU! YOU LIVE IN OUR HEARTS AND GOD WILL MAKE JUSTICE FOR YOU.

Comments=Did it go through- what I just typed about Whiskers? It disappeared off screen.. I have just now opened a hotmail account - I would like to post a memorial here for Whiskers.

Comments=Whiskers was with me for 12 years, from a kitten. He is very gentle, handsome and sweet. I fed him homemade food, took him to the vet often for various problems, slept with him 2 nights a week when I went to SI where he lived and I worked. I brushed him & trimmed his nails - in essence, I became very attached to Whiskers and wanted him to be with him, but I was afraid he would get lost or killed in this neighborhood. He went out a lot, and would come back with wounds...last fall they told me he was vomiting a lot. A few days later, I came with a homeopathic remedy for him, and he was gone. PB wouldn't say a word and has not since, but acts cheerily around me, which makes it even worse. I heard a couple tidbits but still don't know where or how he is, who he is with, if he is even alive. It has been very depressing and wearing on me. It is over 9 months and I am still grieving for him! All I can do is pray and trust God about him. I want to see him again. What makes it worse is the way the people who took him away from me act about it, actually thinking it was for my good. Whiskers, I love you. 12 years is a long time. I feel like it is my fault, like I betrayed him. I saw he was losing weight and was left alone in that house for 2-3 days sometimes. Hopefully, he is happy, as they said. I really miss him and want to see him again.

Your pages are very healing and wonderful, thank you for having your site for all us pet-lovers. This page I made for my wonderful dog "Taffy". I still miss her s much.. Beve

Comments=I read your beautiful memorial knowing that your pet is waiting for you at the bridge.
I lost my 19 year old cat Fido yesterday 6-15-02 to kidney failure and begain reading the various memorials from wonderful folks like you.
It is truly comforting to know that I'm not alone with my heavy loss. Take Care,
God Bless-


COMMENTS:My best friend Balder died aout 10 years ago. He was a loving,loyal German Shepard. To this day when I see a dog that resembles my friend, I still cry. I'm very sorry about your loss--but Bubba will always be in your heart.

NAME:Donna (Kittymom)
NAME:Chloe, JR & Mai-Ling

COMMENTS:Bubba was beautiful!!! He will remain in your heart forever. I am quite certain now that he has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and he is up there playing & frolicking with my beloved Merle Cat whom I lost 2 yrs ago. My tears are falling right now. However, I just KNOW kitty heaven is a wonderful place. Luv & Hugz to you dear.


COMMENTS:I think a memorial should be designed to help the person grieving to feel they've done their best to help the loved one be remembered. You've done that and touched me deeply. I can tell by the pictures that Bubba was quite a character. I'm sorry for your loss. Jack


COMMENTS:I lost my beloved Tiffany in June of 98 and I miss her so much..I had her for 16+ years so I was lucky, she was a great friend and family member.....Thank goodness I still have my 5 kitties with me..I'm so sorry for your loss of Bubba, he sounds like he was a wonderful cat...This page is a beautiful idea....Thank you for doing it...

NAME:Jeanne R.
NAME:Jake & Gus

COMMENTS:So sorry about your loss of Bubba. Your memorial is so nice. I lost my Himalayan cat,"Truffles" who was only five years old back in 1995 and still miss him. I stayed with him till the last moment and saw that he went in peace and did not suffer.


COMMENTS:Launa,The kids lost their pet golden retriever that they grew up with about 6 months ago. He was 10 yrs old and a great animal. We recently got another golden puppy and he helps with their pain but he isn't Ruffy and it may take some time before they give their 100% to the new dog. I showed Megan (she's 12 yrs) your web page and she was curious as to whether we could find a good pic of Ruffy to send to you. I am sure we have some good ones of him so I will try to send one to you. Love ya, Glenn

NAME:Cathleen Bedwell

COMMENTS:I loved my pet so much she is in a better place now where there is no such thing as pain and suffering. I loved her so much. Shewas my first dog and she was gorgous dog at that. thank you for your time. I love you.


COMMENTS:I lost my cat of 19 years on February 5,1999. She too was so special to me. Her comfort after a horrific car accident is the reason I healed, when doctors told me I only had a 20% chance of ever walking again. Brittany laid by my side endlessly with her soft purrs and touches. I miss her terribly, more than I ever imagined. I love the memorial for Bubba, it is so beautiful. He was special I can tell. God bless and my deepest sympathy to you.


COMMENTS:Launa, Bubba was very lucky that you two found each other. He enriched your life, and you enriched his.I can't think of anything more fulfilling, however short it lasted, than the wonderful shared love between you and Bubba. Barbara

NAME:Wolverine & Cinnamon

COMMENTS:This is a very good site and I enjoyed visiting and will come back often.

NAME:Harold McCoy
COMMENTS:WE are very sorry about the loss of your beloved Bubba for we know how much he must have meant to you. We have lost one of our furry children recently a precious shih tzu that went by the name of Scooter. Maybe Scooter and Bubba will meet each other on the Rainbow Bridge that would be really nice. Thank you a million times for being so nice a person. From Scooters Mom and Dad- Harold and Ann McCoy.

NAME:Susan Plunkett
COMMENTS:We lost our beloved Cheyenne in January of 1998.Just five months after my Dad died. It's like she hung on till we could handle her passing too. She was so old and could hardly get around.But stayed to protect him.Anytime he was in pain she'd struggle to get up and go to him and comfort him. I miss her wisdom and unfailing support.

COMMENT:Hi, I Love your website! I was touched by all the memorials. I would love to add my dog Buffy. She crossed over on May 18. I miss her so much and would love to tell everyone how much I love her. Thank you- Debbie Muschio

NAME:Beverly Perkins
COMMENTS:My sweet Bunny will be put to sleep on Tuesday morning, August 17th, and my family, and I are just heartbroken. I have never felt pain such as this before. God help us!!!

NAME:Gary Van Velsor
COMMENTS:I really like your website service. I have a memorial page that I would like to link to your, at, www.oldyeller.net. thanks- Gary

COMMENTS:My dog, Buddy died of a heart attack at noon February3, 2000. He died in my arms at home. Buddy was very smart and very beautiful. For 8 years, Buddy was always there for me during the tough times and the good times. I will miss him forever. Please keep him in your prayers. -Angela

NAME:Beverly Perkins
COMMENTS:Yesterday, April 7,2000, My beautiful red brindle greyhound passed....God needed a new dog I suppose. She has noe joined her sister Bunny (August 17,1999)....When is the abuse of greyhounds going to end? I love and miss them both. I had 5 great years with them.....I am just heartbroken!

NAME:Neville Hawkins
COMMENTS:I think your site is fantastic!

Dear Launa - I just want to say that I think that you are right on with your website. How awesome it is that the special creatures are remembered forever. I had to put my special friend down this Monday (October 2) and I have been devastated ever since. I feel so awful and no one has been able to console me. You see he wasn't sick & he wasn't dying. He had a behavioral problem that made him pee in the house. He had done it in our apartment when I was pregnant and I was able to get him to stop (so I thought) but then we moved into our house and he began it again.
I am hurting so much. I hated doing it. I cry everyday and I ask him for forgiveness. I took him to the vet praying that something was the matter that I could fix and I was beside myself when my vet called and said there was nothing wrong. I played with the idea of putting him in a shelter, but that thought didn't last. For one he had the problem and I didn't want to take up the space in a shelter for a cat that would be a good pet for somebody and for two NOT knowing what became of him would have haunted me forever.
I just can't get over this terrible GUILT. How could I have done this? I loved him. But your website has helped me to cope somewhat. Could you add Willis to your memorial? That would mean the world to me.
Thank You, Julie

You have done such a wonderful thing...we just lost our beloved miniature schnauzer, Pepper today...
she was so wonderful..and so loved..we will all miss her terribly
...I will be forwarding a picture to post as soon as I am able...
Thank you so much...You are doing God's work...

I would love to add my Princess' Memorial page to your site. Here is the URL to her site:
Princess Memorial Thanks, Tania
p.s will you let me know when you have added her site? Id appreciate it. Thx Tania

Hi, I have a page made for my two year old beagle who was killed on 11/3/00. In Loving Memory Of Belle
Thank You- Teclhogan@aol.com

Firstly I would like to say what a wonderful thing you have done by
have in our lives and giving those of us who have lost a pet
the chance to share some of the joy that animal brought us with others.
Today I lost my chinchilla Piggy. He had been sick for some time
but that does not lessen the hurt.
I have created the following page for him:
I would greatly apriciate your adding Piggys memorial to your page so I may share his memory with others. -Emily

Thank you for having such a wonderful site. It's comforting to read
others and share with them. Here is the URL of my web page, I'm not sure what or if you can do anything with it.
Thank you, Gary

The following memorial was written by my brother.It would be great
if you could add it to your site. Thank you so much!
Name of Dog: Koko
Dates: 1/86 to 10/25/00
Pet's Breed: Lab Border Collie Mix
Owner's Name: Casey
E-Mail Address: Corleenh@aol.com
We trimmed trees and drank beer. We hauled and burned brush and drank beer. We moved earth and poured concrete and drank beer. You chased every critter that moved (the skunks were never a wise choice) and drank beer. When we had to go to the beer store, you were in the truck before me. Yeah, and sometimes I even let you drive on the way home. (But only on the backroads). You were a fine dog. You have saddened grown men. We got together the other day and the first beer was for you. I'll catch up with you some day.
Bet I'll know where to find you.

In April my sweet and smart boxer died.. I really miss him and wanted 20 yrs--BeBe was his name--he was only about 3-4yrs old. Kathy & Jack Laino

My Buddy.......
He was just a little cat that never should have survived at birth. His mother and all siblings died then; he was kept alive in an incubator and on milk from an eye dropper. All from a very kind man. And the little cat did survive...and he was raised with only dogs as friends, so that is what he thought he was.
He came to me years later, with an ornery spirit that only a "guy" cat could have. I would wake up tired and depressed, but he was always there at the foot of the bed, waiting to say hi....and cry for food. He'd love to go outside, and whine when I wouldn't let him. Now I wish I'd let him play outside all that he wanted, and give him treats till he couldn't eat another bite.
He was the reason I always wanted to go home at night...why no matter what, my day was a good one. Because I knew he would be there. I would pick him up and rub his tummy, and put my nose to his....and it would always make me smile. I feared that someday, I would die before he did, and my worst fear was that no one would look after him, and he would be "put away" somewhere and die alone.
He was a precious little beast, I used to love to roll him over on the floor and rub his tummy. I'd say "I love you" softly...because I knew he figured that was a given.
But he started to get sick..and I knew something was wrong. I took him to the vet many times, pleading to get the problem fixed. I was falsely comforted when told that nothing was wrong, and that he only needed better food.
He finally couldn't walk, and couldn't breathe....and I knew the end was near. I lay on the couch and held him in my arms...knowing he was dying, yet praying it wasn't so.
I left him at the vets the next day...I stayed and petted him and told him I loved him, thinking that he would get better with the medical help, and I'd be back tomorrow... to "check on him". But he died quietly two hours later.
I don't know how to make this right. I don't know how to come home anymore...because he's not there to claim that I'm not getting his food fast enough. I feel guilty that I might have gotten him better medical help a year ago...that I didn't want to see symptoms that I feared.
I do know that a minute ago, I was petting him and fussing over the only light I had in my life. And then he was taken from me. I cry alone, because no one feels what I do.... and I understand that.
But he was all that I had....just a little furry, loving marmalade cat, who thought he was a dog. But I swear he could steal anyone's heart; he sure did mine.
Maybe somewhere in the universe is a person that will read this and understand. I still hear the bell on his collar, because he is walking into this room to check on me, like he always did.
I loved that little guy, and I pray he is at peace...with all green woods in which to play, and all the treats to eat when he is done.
And maybe I'll see him again someday, and he'll jump into my arms, all healthy and bright eyed....and we'll never be parted again.
But until then, I'll have a hole in my heart, and I don't know how to make the pain stop. He was all that I had.
A Tribute to One who served us well
Sadie Mae, Oh Sadie Mae, why did you go away I loved you much and even more, I wanted you to stay But life is not a simple thing, it often breaks those ties We cry those tears then wipe them off, thankful for the years.
The memories,they warm our hearts, of puppies all about Tiny eyes and wiggly tails, all Mom without a doubt Then we fell in love again, and two pups joined our home Now we had three goldens which was peculiar to some
If you believe in Rainbow Bridge where pets go when they die Then you know Sadie waits there, still the apple of our eye And the two she left to guard us, with noble hearts still true Will earn their place through courage, and love they will renew.
Debbie Butch
Dear Launa, First, I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful memorial page dedicated to our faithful pets.
I would like to make a memorial for my buddy, Boots. He was a fifteen year old black & white cat.I have had him longer than I had my husband and child.You see, ten years ago when I had my son, we found out that he was highly allergic to cats. We had no choice but to place Boots outside.What a trooper!!
He survived the weather and all the things that go bump in the night outside.He never ran away,true to the end. He die in peace (thank God) with his head facing home. I will miss him.
Sincerely, Emily Phipps

I think your web site is wonderful and it does alot of good for alot of people . thank you for being here . Kicks Tavern

Comments=My Felicia passed away on Aug.9,2001. I wish I could have one more day with her.She was twelve.

Saturday, September 07, 2002 10:46 PM QKDrawNY@aol.com Beautiful site....I would like to add my beloved Willie cat of 20 days....and my beautiful Jennifer who passed 9 days after he did. I feel like my heart is forever broken...please send me information on how I can add them to this tribute....I can scan pictures over to you for their tribute which I can put together. Thank you, and Bless You for your kindness.